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Title: An Act of Outright Stupidity
Fandom: Pirates of the Caribbean
Characters/Pairing: Jack/Elizabeth
Rating: PG
Genre: romance/humor
Disclaimer: Not mine, even a little.
Summary: The first time she sees him, one of them is in trouble. Oneshot. Set sort of before DMC. (Originally posted 7-19-06)

Either she trusted Jack implicitly, or she didn't much care what he did with her once he got her in the alley.Collapse )
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Title: Waste Not
Characters/Pairing: Elizabeth, Barbossa, Will, hints at both E/B and E/J
Rating: PG
Genre: adventure/drama
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Summary:She wonders if he remembers the night she tried to bargain for her life, and he reminded her she had next to nothing with which to bargain. Set after DMC. (Originally posted 7/19/06)
A/N: An example of the unpure love between Elizabeth and Barbossa. Sorry, but at least I took out the transcendental/dentist joke.

She will play the game, still, because she is a gentlewoman by name and right if not by nature.Collapse )